Will Poulter defends Marvel after people said bad things about Phase 4.


Will Poulter defends Marvel after people said bad things about Phase 4.
Will Poulter defends Marvel after people said bad things about Phase 4

Will Poulter defends Marvel after people said bad things about Phase 4.

After some fans and reviewers said bad things about Phase 4 of the MCU, Will Poulter, a newbie to Marvel, supported the superhero series by saying that the company is passionate about the projects.

Fans of the MCU have said that Phase 4’s projects aren’t as good as those in previous phases. They point to the fact that the studio is putting out more movies and TV shows (they released 9 movies and shows in 2021 instead of 8 movies, series, and specials last year), which may have made the overall quality of these projects worse. But some people from the Marvel brand have stood up for the MCU in the face of such criticism.

Joe Russo, who directed Avengers: Endgame, said that he loves “the choices that [Marvel Studios] are making” by going into so many different styles and taking chances with them. He also said that fans will “remember the MCU for decades.”

Sana Amanat, the director of the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+, also talked about the “woke” criticism of the show. She saw it as fans criticizing the show “from a place of anger” because they couldn’t connect with the characters or the story.

Will Poulter talks about the criticism of MCU Phase 4

Will Poulter defends Marvel after people said bad things about Phase 4.
Will Poulter defends Marvel after people said bad things about Phase 4.

Will Poulter, who plays Adam Warlock, talked to Josh Horowitz about his MCU start and how he might stay with Marvel Studios for a long time.

The rookie to the MCU talked about the ‘numbers over quality’ complaints about the franchise’s run after the Infinity Saga.

Poulter said that the company “really cares” about quality. He said that the “people at the top” are “deeply and passionately invested in the quality of the material:”

Horowitz said that he knows Marvel Studios has good players like Benedict Cumberbatch and that “there’s a way” to not be stuck in the Marvel universe.

Poulter agreed and said that these great players are “allowed to use their creativity in other ways:”

Horowitz: “All I’m going to say is, look at the other players. The quality is clear, but it also looks like Benedict Cumberbatch has plenty of other work. He manages to make it work. There must be a way.”

“Right, right,” said Poulter. Yes, you’re right. And I think that when you have actors like Angela Bassett, Tilda Swinton, and Jake Gyllenhaal in these movies, you have to believe that actors are given artistic freedom to try new things and do things that don’t fit into the same box.

Horowitz asked Poulter what he was thinking when he joined Marvel. He asked if it was a fair question to ask if this kind of chance made him nervous.

The actor replied that the whole thing was “obviously a privilege and a lot of fun,” and he admitted that he had entered a world with “such a dedicated and passionate fan base:”

Horowitz: “There are many things to think about when making a choice like this. Almost every actress would want this kind of chance, but I’m not sure… Is there any fear? Is there something like, “Oh, this is going to be my life for the next seven years.” Is this what I should do? Is this taking me somewhere I don’t want or need to go?’ Put me in your mind when all this happened.”

“No, I think it’s a fair question,” said Poulter. In spite of the obvious luxury and joy of the whole thing… I mean, I think your first reaction is to feel very, very lucky to be accepted into a world with such devoted and passionate fans and so many incredibly brilliant people.

Poulter then said that there is also “a certain amount of pressure,” but that his experience (so far) has been good and “really wonderful:”

“So, to be kind of accepted into a place with such a great history of success and such a great memory tied to it, that’s very nice and all wonderful things. I think that means that there is also some pressure, right? And I think there is also a thought that, as good as all of those things are, and as close to perfect as this comparison is for Adam Warlock, there are parts of “Is it a golden cage?” Know what I mean? It’s made of gold and looks nice, but does it keep you from doing other things? And I think, in the end, that being a part of Marvel, at least so far, and being a part of this movie have only brought me good things and really, really great chances.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 star ended his message by saying that he’s “immensely grateful” for the experience:

“So, I’m very thankful, and the feeling that ‘Oh God, I’m stuck by Marvel’ is just not true… “I haven’t seen that happen.”

In Phase 5, will the MCU get better?

Will Poulter’s recent words about how Marvel Studios handles quality show that the company has what it takes to get back on track after a slow start to Phase 4.

Even though there are some good points and complaints about Phase 4, there’s no doubt that Marvel Studios’ love for the stories and characters involved will help the MCU get back on track.In fact, a report said that Marvel is moving toward a new script approach by hiring more experienced writers to help shape the stories in Phase 5 and beyond.

In addition to hiring more writers, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is said to be looking for more “established talent behind the camera.”

With stars like Poulter locked in and ready to show how passionate they are on-screen, hopefully the talent behind-the-scenes will match that excitement and make the final product better.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which got great reviews and did very well at the box office, has already made the way.