Young & Restless ‘This Is a Difficult Post for Me’—Michelle Stafford 

By posting videos of herself embarrassing her daughter by dancing with fellow Young & Restless ...

...cast member Amelia Heinle or photos of "the most disobedient boy in the land" (a.k.a. dog Rufus),  

Michelle Stafford frequently communicates her joy on Instagram to the rest of us. Sadly, 

the situation was considerably different on May 16. She said, "This is a challenging post for me.

"Asking for assistance for this lovely family has taken some time. We unexpectedly lost Marco a few weeks ago. 

Austin, the closest friend of my son Jameson, was raised by Marco. Nurse Marco worked as. 

He was employed throughout the pandemic and shutdown. At that moment, 

he contributed to numerous other people's lives being saved. He made it his life's work. to assist others. 

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