Yellowstone Without Kevin Costner: Why A Sequel Series Was the Best Option

In the end, the sequel series is the finest answer to Kevin Costner's unexpected departure from the Yellowstone franchise.

Kevin Costner has officially declared that he would not be returning after Yellowstone season 5, which has spawned a new successor series starring Matthew McConaughey, which has yet to be named.

The sequel series is slated to air at the end of 2023, following up on Yellowstone's impending fifth and final season.

The remaining six episodes of Yellowstone are also set to premiere around the same time as the debut of its sequel series, with potential for the two series to overlap.

There has recently been rumors that Kevin Costner may not return for the season 5 finale of Yellowstone.

Costner earlier informed Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan that he wants his needed filming days for season 5 part 1 cut from an already-low 65 to just 50 altogether.

 According to Deadline, Costner has requested as little as 10 filming days for the remaining six episodes of Yellowstone that have still to be created.

 Costner is intensely committed in his own passion project, Horizon, about the American Civil War, which is propelling his hasty exit from the cherished series.

Here's why a Yellowstone sequel series would be beneficial to the franchise.

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