Yellowstone ends after Season 5: source

"Yellowstone," the show that "reinvigorated" Kevin Costner and boosted Stetson sales.

Will cease after the second half of Season 5, various sources told The Post.

However, its next airdate is unknown. Its filming date is unknown.

In a conflict with creator Taylor Sheridan, Costner, who plays powerful Montana patriarch John. 

Dutton and earned a Golden Globe, may not return. “There’s respect.

 But there’s friction,” a production source told The Post.A high-ranking Hollywood source who has worked with.  

Sheridan said, “Taylor is the star of his show. He's the star of all his concerts." The first half of Season 5 premiered in.

November 2022 and ended in January, and 12.1 million fans are anxiously awaiting the second part on Peacock.