'Yellowstone' Cancelled: Why? The Show's Ending After Season 5

When Yellowstone first came out in 2018, nobody anticipated that it would go on to achieve the level of success that it has.  

The viewers fell in love with the Dutton family's story and the struggles 

that John Dutton went through to maintain his Montana horse ranch alive as Kevin Costner led the cast in his role as the patriarch John Dutton. 

Add to that his children's personal struggles in love and identity, 

and you have the makings of a drama that has kept people tuning in to the Paramount Network.

On the other hand, that was merely the beginning for Yellowstone.

he number of stories increased in tandem with the size of the fanbase.  

1883 enjoyed a great deal of success when it first debuted on Paramount+ in December 2021,  

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