Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner is "in crisis," as his marriage and career are falling apart.

"Kevin is crushed by the reality that he is facing disaster in both his personal and professional lives," disclosed a source.

Now, the immense challenge of trying to fix both of them falls squarely on his shoulders.According to reports, the actor, who is 68 years old, 

was "blindsided" by the divorce papers. Even though Christine had already filed her claim, he was caught in Las Vegas cuddling up to two other women while still wearing his wedding band.

According to some in the know, Christine had finally had it with her husband's all-consuming preoccupation with his career, money, and his legacy in the entertainment industry.

According to a story by, Costner's wife was reportedly unhappy that he disobeyed her ultimatum, in which she requested him to scale back on his work 

and spend more time with her and their three children — sons Cayden, 15, and Hayes, 14, and daughter Grace, 12 years old. She also asked him to spend less time with other women.

"Kevin paid her lip service by demanding a more favorable shooting schedule on Yellowstone," claimed the insider. 

"Yellowstone" refers to the television show. "However, after that, he added fuel to the fire by concentrating his efforts on his Civil War project during that time."

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