Yellowstone 2 Will Destroy Taylor Sheridan's Franchise

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Season 5 ends Yellowstone, but a sequel is coming. A sequel would damage the franchise.Paramount's Yellowstone was a hit.  

From the outset. The mix of almost gangland intrigue, family drama, and rancher life appeals to many audiences. Due to alleged. 

Conflicts between Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner, the show is ending. However.

Rumors about a subsequent series are wrong. Taylor Sheridan's TV legacy will be destroyed if he tries to recreate.  

Yellowstone's magic.Yellowstone Ranch and the Duttons have grown considerably beyond the initial series.  

1883 and 1923 examined the Duttons' ranch settlement and defense. 

These series haven't been as successful as Yellowstone. Both spinoffs were. 

Good but they illustrate that while fans want more Yellowstone, spinoffs and sequels may not be the best way to get it.

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