Without a Doubt, Lionsgate Won't Let the John Wick Series Die

John Wick is still alive. I'm sorry, but we should be clear that the franchise is still alive. Regarding Keanu Reeves's personality.

we are unable to guarantee anything. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lionsgate executive Joe Drake has revealed that there will be other spinoffs including a fifth John Wick film.  

On a recent earnings call, he stated, "We're building out the world, and when that [John Wick] 5 movie comes, it will be organically grown out of. 

How we're starting to tell those stories." But you can count on John Wick's consistent cadence. Drake explicitly addressed a couple of .

Already publicized projects: This September, Peacock will release The Continental, a three-episode prequel series on the New York. 

Hotel's early years. The cinematic sequel Ballerina, which takes place after the events of John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum, stars.  

Ana de Armas as the ballerina-assassin Rooney. Release day is set for June 7, 2024. Drake did not reveal the name of the other spinoff that is in the works. 

The executive reportedly also mentioned that the business is considering a video game, according to ComicBook.com. TL;DR: Lionsgate is keeping a tight grip over this franchise.

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