Will Smith enjoyed himself after punching Chris Rock.

After hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars, Will Smith gained some notoriety in Hollywood. It wasn't because Rock was correct or. 

Because Smith hadn't been provoked. Instead, it was because Smith had shattered the illusion that Hollywood depends on. 

Smith did feature in the historical drama Emancipation, but it was unclear. 

How his career in Hollywood would develop. Hollywood wanted to be very clear that they did not accept slapping someone on. 

Television, while recognizing and upholding innumerable racists, misogynists, and abusers for decades.

The banishment, however, was brief. Smith revealed that he was producing Bad Boys 4 in the start of 2023. A modest part was.  

Played by actor and three-time NBA champion John Salley in the first Bad Boys movie. He is also expected to appear in Bad Boys 4. 

Again Salley has been able to shed light on Smith's post-"The Slap" life because to this and their long-standing friendship.