Will Luke Grimes Leave Yellowstone to Pursue Music?

Luke Grimes' music career is serious, but it hasn't interfered with his beloved Yellowstone role.

It was just reported that Yellowstone would conclude when the last batch of season five episodes airs in November.

It comes after months of conjecture and rumors about Kevin Costner leaving the show and Matthew McConaughey joining it.

Fans of the sitcom need not be concerned, as it seems like the Duttons will return in a spin-off. "The Dutton story continues in another epic tale, picking up where Yellowstone leaves off.

It has not yet been disclosed if Grimes will appear in any planned spin-offs. Fortunately, the actor-musician keeps himself occupied. 

He recently performed at the Stagecoach event. Grimes' love for his music suggests that we will be hearing more of it in the future.

He'll be performing at additional music events this year, where you'll be able to hear him sing live.

In September, he'll be at Big Mountain Ranch in Whitefish, Montana, for the Under the Big Sky Festival.

Grimes will attend the Pilgrimage Festival at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin.

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