Will Cain's second amendment defense of Ja Morant, Can he not do what he wants?

Will Cain of Fox News does not think Ja Morant should be suspended for his latest IG Live pistol flash.

Cain, who is hosting Fox News this week in Tucker Carlson's 8:00 pm spot,  

asked why the NBA would violate the Grizzlies star's second amendment rights.

“Can he not do what he wants outside of work if it’s legal? It's silly, but I don't know why he's suspended." 

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Morant may be suspended for the 2023-24 NBA season. 

After several months of threats of violence by Morant and his gang, 

he was suspended eight games for flashing a weapon on IG Live at a Denver strip club.

Will Cain wondered if Ja Morant should be banned by the NBA since his second amendment rights indicate he did nothing wrong.

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