Why Tarot Readers Say Each Zodiac Is Behind In Life


You're suffering, Aries. Your obstacles are making you feel small, powerless, and out of control. You're considerably stronger than you think. 


Taurus, everything is piling up and your life feels out of control. It's too much and you don't know how to get through it and move forward.


Gemini, you are feeling the weight of all your possible lives. In one lifetime, you can take various paths. Your existence overwhelms you. 


Cancer, you're feeling a little lost socially. You may feel that you're jumping from social circle to social circle, without fitting in anywhere. 


Leo, something fresh is coming. You may have started a new job, self-discovery, or other life chapter. Despite this fresh start, your past may still be winning. 


Virgo, you feel powerless. Work, relationships, wellness, and everything in between feel too huge. You don't know what to do when everything goes wrong.


Libra, you're frustrated because nice things are coming but haven't arrived yet. You may be tired of being unmarried or unfulfilled at work. 


Scorpio, money is troubling you out. Maybe your savings aren't increasing fast enough or you're trying to pay off a big loan but aren't seeing the balance drop to a number you're comfortable with. 

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