Why mock Jason Horne-Francis? Opponents target Port Adelaide youth.

On Saturday night against the Western Bulldogs at Adelaide Oval, 

boos directed towards former first overall choice Jason Horne-Francis were audible once again from the stands.

Horne-Francis left North Melbourne after a single unhappy season and returned to South Australia,  

where he eventually settled at Port Adelaide.

Since his draft year of 2021, the 19-year-old has been the center of attention due to comparisons to Collingwood champion 

Nathan Buckley during his junior years for his enormous talent and promise.

His choice to quit the Kangaroos, for which he gave the reason of homesickness, was roundly criticized, 

as were his many missteps throughout the year, such as his liking of mock trade social media posts and his failure to complete a proper ice bath rehabilitation.

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