When Will Peacock Air "Yellowstone" Season 5? 

How will you celebrate the long weekend? Friends' dinner?  

An outing? Succession and Barry finales? Poolside reading? 

I think a lot of Peacock subscribers will be riveted to their screens for Yellowstone Season 5's first eight episodes! 

The behind-the-scenes turbulence has delayed Taylor Sheridan's beloved drama's comeback (the latest update is November 2023,  

but the situation remains in flux) with new episodes. After Season 5, a Matthew McConaughey-led spinoff may replace the core series, 

and Kevin Costner may not return.Yellowstone, drama. Season 5 premieres on Peacock. 

Yellowstone Season 5's first eight episodes premiere on Peacock Premium on Thursday, May 25. 

Thursday, May 25 at 12:00 a.m. ET, Peacock will stream the new episodes.

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