What transpired with Simon van Kempen following Season 4?

The Real Housewives of New York City's Simon van Kempen played Alex McCord's husband. He's busy.Simon van Kempen, Alex. 

McCord's problematic husband on The Real Housewives of New York City, should update fans on his life after the program. 

The van Kempen family moved from Brooklyn to Australia, and the former .

luxury hotel manager returned to school to study law. Simon and Alex have adolescent boys Francois and Johan van Kempen. 

Simon upset Alex's friends on RHONY. Alex's codependency with her husband and their New York City social ascent bewildered the. 

Housewives RHONY housewives criticized the couple's Brooklyn residence. They were outsiders on a show with Upper East Side. 

Socialites. When their sons misbehaved in a restaurant in front of the women, Simon and Alex's parenting was questioned. In 2010.

Simon and Alex co-wrote Little Kids, Big City, a parenting book. Simon's 2011 pop single "I Am Real" capitalized on his Bravo popularity, like many Bravo stars.

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