Weekly astrological prediction May 14–20: impetu

Yoga Journal article. Studying stars and our interaction with them is ancient. Philosophy.

Mysticism, science, indigenous cultures, religion, and ancient civilizations have long taught that humans are one with.  

Nature Ancient societies knew  when we observe the natural world, we also observe ourselves. Mercury retrograde.

Ends this week in the cosmos, bringing calm and clarity. A new Moon and Jupiter in that same earth sign also.  

Herald favors as Mercury goes direct in Taurus. This week serves as an opening, a chance, the start of fresh beginnings, and a.  

Welcome into a new book.Mercury retrograde in Taurus starts on April 21 and ends on May 15.  

This retrograde has invited us to examine our relationship with slow and steady, values, security.

And self-worth. Reflection, realignment, reconsideration, and recommitment. Our path has been integrated during this precious halt. 

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