Traditional Charm of Quiet Luxury

Similar to what happened to "chic," "luxury" has lost some of its meaning due to how overused it has become in the vocabulary of fashion.

In the not-too-distant past, some people might have contended that a hyped-up collaboration between two fashion houses .

A n A-lister dressed in an instantly recognizable, straight-off-the-runway look represented the pinnacle of luxury.

But in 2023, the definition of luxury has changed; it is now subtle and discrete, characterized by quality and the absence of logos.

It doesn't make a big splash or beg for attention; instead, it operates discreetly. Luxury murmurs.

The fashion industry is cutting back as it deals with an unknowable global financial forecast, post-pandemic scars, and precarious geopolitics.

According to fashion journalist Harriet Quick, brands like The Row, Chloé, Khaite, Ferragamo, Fendi, Chanel, and Saint Laurent, .

The contributing British Vogue editor points to the "beiges and greys, acres of cashmere knits, and soft-power silhouettes".

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