Top 7 things about  artistic zodiac sign 

Pisces: Creative, inventive Pisceans. They express their emotions via art, music, writing, and other forms.

Leo: Dramatic Leos are self-expressive. They excel at acting, dancing, and singing. Art complements their lively and assertive character.

Libra: Libras love beauty. They're good in fashion, design, and composition. Balance and harmony entice them to art.

Cancer: Cancerians are passionate and creative. Their loving and compassionate character lets them express their creativity and produce meaningful art.

Taurus: Taureans are sensual and love nature. They thrive in visual arts like painting, sculpture, and photography, expressing their sensuous sensations.

Geminis are adaptable, inquisitive, and quick-witted. They excel in writing, narrative, and performance. Their creative abilities come from adaptability and communication.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are curious and open-minded. Travel and culture inspire them artistically. Their adventurous temperament lets them inject innovation into many creative undertakings.