Top 50 Richest Nations by Net Worth

This article covers the top 50 richest countries by net worth. Click Top 10 Richest Countries In The World By Net Worth to see the top 10. 

National net wealth, or net worth, is a country's assets minus its obligations. It includes a nation's net worth at a given period. This. 

Indicator of a country's ability to take on debt and sustain expenditure is affected by real estate and equity market prices.

Exchange rates, liabilities, population demographics, human resources, natural resources, capital, and technological. 

Advancements.We previously reported that millennials are having trouble buying homes, forcing them to live with their parents. 

Recent housing shortages have made homeownership harder. Bank of America found that 44% of 2022 homebuyers were 55–74. 

Years old. In January 2022, the median age of primary homebuyers reached 55 years, confirming Bank of America's findings. 

First-time homeowners are declining as millennials delay leaving their parents' houses.