Tony Kanaan drives through grass and memories in his final Indy 500.

Indio, Indiana Tony Kanaan sped past the Indianapolis 500 corner with the carelessness of someone who knows it's his last run.

In the middle of the standings, the 48-year-old was grumbling in his orange and black Arrow McLaren, .

With nothing more important on the line than perhaps a little bit of pride. 

Because he didn't have quite enough space to make a pass, he zipped left until half .

Of his car was in the grass and then chopped the grass blades up like a mower to get back on the track and clear.

With a smile, Kanaan said, "The grass was perfect." Whoever did that cutting is pretty skilled.

Indiana's Indio Tony Kanaan passed the Indianapolis 500 corner quickly and carelessly, as if it were his final run.

The 48-year-old was complaining in the middle of the pack in his orange and black Arrow McLaren, . 

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