Tonight's NXT Reveals Mystery Attacker: Roxanne Perez

White Line
White Line

Fans are getting ready for what looks to be an exciting turn in tonight's WWE NXT saga as the long-awaited identity of the enigmatic attacker of Roxanne Perez is finally revealed. 

The identity of the mysterious attacker, who had been shrouded in secrecy, will be made public as the camera pans to the pulsating WWE ring.

The shocking attack on Roxanne Perez last week happened as she was leaving the stage after losing the gripping NXT Women's Championship match. 

The event briefly descended into chaos as an unknown assailant ambushed Perez just as the dust had begun to settle. 

Although WWE officials acted quickly to take control of the situation and stop the attacker from doing more damage, the attacker was able to flee before being caught.

Perez hasn't been the only victim of the unidentified attacker's mayhem-causing campaign. 

This past weekend's NXT Battleground vignette featured a menacing video that made a terrifying revelation.

The video showed a string of prior assaults on other well-known women on the cast, including Wendy Choo, Sol Ruca, Nikkita Lyons, and Dani Palmer.

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