Tom Cruise flies in to accept the MTV Movie Award for Best Picture for Top Gun 2.

While airborne, Tom Cruise accepted a Top Gun: Maverick MTV Movie & TV Award. The sequel to 2022 broke box office records. 

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell returns to Top Gun to train new recruits in the destruction of an illegal uranium enrichment plant. Cruise flew a P-51 Mustang in Top Gun: Maverick.

"I love entertaining you," he says, holding up his golden popcorn prize. Before flying away, he recommends Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One and says, "You have a wonderful summer."

At the end of Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise's character takes off with Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly). In the film's final sequence, Cruise drove his P-51 Mustang, but he couldn't fly other planes, including the Super Hornet, as he had done throughout his career.

Cruise planned the film's flying scenes and arranged stunts.

Cruise's feats are as daring as flying, especially in the Mission: Impossible movie. The actor scaled the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol, and he was handcuffed to an airplane as it took off in Rogue Nation.

Cruise has promised a motorcycle jump in the next installment, one of his riskiest stunts.

Cruise's daring stunts add to his allure. His action and performance in Top Gun: Maverick were lauded. After his recent award acceptance, Cruise's admirers will be looking forward to his next undertakings.

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