Tina Turner's $76 Million Switzerland Home Where She Died Peacefully with Erwin Bach 

The musician became a citizen of Switzerland in 2013 and resided in a lavish house on Lake Zurich's lakefront.

At a house that had long served as a haven for the iconic singer, Tina Turner passed away on Wednesday.

The Queen of Rock, who passed away on May 24 at the age of 83 following a protracted illness,  

had traded in the spotlight and the United States for a tranquil existence at her villa in Kusnacht, 

Switzerland, on the shore of Lake Zurich, according to a statement from her publicist Bernard Doherty. 

Together with her partner, 67-year-old German actor and music producer Erwin Bach,  

Turner moved into the Villa Algonquin house in 1998.  

Due to Swiss limitations on foreigners purchasing property in the country, she rented the estate for many years. 

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