TikToker Discovers Disturbing Minnie Mouse Detail, Goes Viral

TikToker Meghan Davis posted a video of Minnie Mouse's ears rotating around her head.  The video went viral, with many people finding the detail disturbing.

Some people commented that the ears should be illegal. Others said that the detail was "so much worse than I thought it was going to be."

Still others said that they thought Davis was being dramatic, but that they were now convinced that she was right.

Davis has since set the video to "friends-only," but not before it had been seen by millions of people. The video has sparked a debate about the nature of childhood innocence and the power of nostalgia.

Some people believe that the detail is harmless and that people are overreacting. Others believe that the detail is disturbing and that it is a reminder of the darker side of Disney.

Ultimately, the meaning of the detail is up to each individual to decide.

The video was originally posted on February 25, 2023. It has since been viewed over 10 million times.

Davis has over 100,000 followers on TikTok. The video has been shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The video has stirred controversy. Some find the detail frightening, others harmless. Each person interprets the detail.

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