These 10 attributes indicate confidence.

The phrase "quiet confidence" is used frequently these days. With good reason, too.

The days of the loudest person in the room being viewed as the most confident are long gone. In truth, the contrary may frequently. 

Be true (of course, depending on the circumstance). A person who exudes calm confidence is perceived as possessing genuine self-assurance, strength, and stability.

Discover these 10 characteristics that, regardless of what others believe or say, show that you have a confident personality.Being.  

Friendly is frequently mistaken for a timid quality, but nothing could be further from the reality. Yes, having the confidence to speak up and defend your values is .

Necessary, especially when discussing important issues. But it takes even more willpower to keep some opinions to yourself, especially if they aren't damaging or negatively. 

Hurting others. Being constantly outspoken about your beliefs and opinions may appear like a sign of confidence. However, it has a tendency to exude defensiveness and insecurity.