Theory: The Mandalorian Movie Makes Luke Skywalker's Wife Canon. 

Luke Skywalker's wife was reintroduced into canon in The Mandalorian film thanks to The Mandalorian and its spinoff series,  

which revived various Star Wars Legends characters and plotlines. Making Luke's wife canon looked to be difficult, 

as her story would no longer fit in the new timeline, given how different his arc was in the Star Wars sequel trilogy from his Legends equivalent. 

The Star Wars TV shows have, however, found ways to incorporate Legends characters back into their plots, 

particularly those from the same books that first introduced Luke's wife.

The Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn established the present Star Wars Expanded  ,

Universe (also known as Legends) and grew to be one of the most well-known and significant tales in the franchise. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn's canonical story will be adapted for the Mandalorian movie, 

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