'The Mother' Premiere: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Kiss 

Celebrating her new movie's premiere with her boyfriend at her side, Jennifer Lopez! 

Lopez and husband Ben Affleck arrived at The Mother's red carpet on Wednesday, and the two were beaming as they posed for pictures. 

J.Lo put a modern spin on the power suit while wearing a glittering long taupe coat, matching skirt, and bra top. 

She looked as stylish as ever. Affleck, on the other hand, looked sharp in his own suit, 

donning a traditional black jacket and slacks along with a white dress shirt.

For Lopez's big debut, the newlyweds shared a kiss and held each other close, seeming as in love as ever.

Lopez plays an assassin helicopter parent in the action-packed  ...

...film who emerges from hiding to defend her daughter from perilous attackers.

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