‘The Mother’ and ‘Hypnotic’ divide Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck's "Hypnotic" outshines Jennifer Lopez's "The Mother," 

a violent Hallmark card released in time for Mother's Day on Netflix.

Lopez plays Liam Neeson in a film with lots of action and unintentional laughs. The kill count thrills, but everything else feels like genre clichés.

Lopez plays a well-trained sniper who served in Afghanistan,  

negotiating a witness-protection contract for her evidence against two very nasty guys she was in relationships with. 

After a violent raid, she's brought into FBI custody, 

giving Edie Falco 45 seconds to convince the unnamed assassin to give up her newborn daughter to protect her.

Twelve years later, Lopez's character is hiding in the Alaskan wilderness when Zoe (Lucy Paez) has her cover blown, 

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