'The Masked Singer's' 'Season of the Feels' winner is... 

When David Archuleta was defeated by David Cook in the illustrious "David vs. David"  

match on Season 7 of American Idol fifteen years ago, a home film of the distraught ...

...Archies—that is, Archuleta superfans—crying over their loss quickly became a meme. 

Archuleta amusingly posted a video of the tweens' living room collapse in 2021, on the 13th anniversary of the finale, 

with the caption "Thinking about these ladies. I hope they're doing well, no matter where they are. 

And on the "Great Idol Reunion" special last year, he pleasantly delighted those fans who were now older, 

wiser, and more composed but who were still proudly sporting their Archie iron-on T-shirts.

When he was identified as the Macaw on The Masked Singer Season 9 this past week, 

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