The Darkest Superhero Reference in The Boys Is in Their First Death

The Boys is a series that features a ton of outrageous fatalities, but its first on-panel killing is a subtle allusion to a turning point in the.  

history of comic books.The Boys' initial on-panel demise also serves as a subtly humorous superhero allusion. Hughie.  

Campbell's entry into the world of Superman is opened by a tragedy that acknowledges a significant time in comic book history.

A secret team of agents tasked with keeping tabs on the world's "Supes" is the focus of the satirical superhero series The Boys.  

The Supes, in contrast to conventional superheroes, frequently lack the morals inherent in comic books and are, at best.

Annoyances and, at worst, pure psychopaths. When a Supe.  

Crosses the line, it is up to the Boys to control them, frequently by killing them if they don't need the hero.  

The Boys differs from the more upbeat and uncomplicated superhero tales of Marvel and DC because it has excessive violence and gore.

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