"The Crowded Room" gave Tom Holland, sober for a year, a "bit of a meltdown at home." 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Holland disclosed that the production of his upcoming ...

...Apple TV+ murder drama "The Crowded Room" caused him to experience a "bit of a meltdown" in his personal life. 

The show's lead character, Danny Sullivan, played by Spider-Man actor, 

is detained in summer 1979 as a result of his involvement in a shooting at Rockefeller Center. 

The television program is based on the actual crimes committed by Billy Milligan, 

who had dissociative identity disorder."I was seeing myself in [the character], but in my personal life," Holland admitted. 

"I distinctly recall having a small outburst at home and declaring, 'I'm going to shave my head. 

I must shave my head in order to free myself of this persona. We were obviously in the middle of shooting, 

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