Taylor Swift Fans' Safety Worried After Nashville Concert Postponement, Similar to Astroworld Incident

For her third performance on the Eras Tour on Sunday night, Taylor Swift hit the stage at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. 

For some of the concertgoers, what was supposed to be a joyous and musical evening instead became a horrifying one.

Extreme weather during the concert forced a more than three-hour shelter recommendation for concertgoers.

They were instructed to maintain their composure and move to the interior and covered portions of the stadium. Some fans, however,

found themselves in perilous and confined circumstances, which brought to mind the tragedy that occurred at the Houston Astroworld concert in October 2021. 

One concertgoer named Andrea, who got VIP tickets to the performance, posted about her experience on TikTok. She recalled feeling uneasy, frightened,

and terrified while the situation was happening. "At first, it was a little crowded, but it was fine," Andrea said, adding that there was still space for concertgoers.

But as things went on, supporters were standing shoulder to shoulder with nowhere to go, and Andrea found it difficult to move. She reported how the space became quite cramped and that everyone was standing over her.

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