Taylor Sheridan Should Leave Costner Drama Behind and Make Cool Neo-Westerns 

In place of Kevin Costner, Taylor Sheridan ought to return ,

to penning some of the greatest neo-Westerns, such as "Hell or High Water."

We'd like to make a statement first, Taylor Sheridan, and then we have a request.  

The Kevin Costner camp's constant hedging and hawing over whether he'll be playing Yellowstone for another season has reached an end. 

He's not returning, Yellowstone is ending, and that's okay, it turns out. 

We believe it is past due for seasoned showrunner and screenwriter Sheridan to cut his losses and return to the genre in which he excels. 

He is a talented director and a passable actor (despite his appearances on Sons of Anarchy),  

but what he excels at above all others is crafting Texas-sized storylines for the big screen. 

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