Sunscreen expires Summer UV protection tips.

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You might wish to enjoy some time outside as the Sun becomes brighter and the weather warms. 

Protecting oneself from the Sun's UV rays is important, whether you're at the beach or relaxing on your lawn.

Sunscreen is a crucial tool for avoiding sunburn and other skin harm.

 Check to see if the old bottle is still good before grabbing it from the back of the cupboard and lathering up. Can, however, sunscreen go bad?

The summertime and outdoor activities are soon approaching, so it's vital to remember these sunscreen usage guidelines.

There is an expiration date on sunscreen.

Unless testing by manufacturers can ensure its lifespan and stability past a particular period, 

sunscreens are required by FDA regulations to carry an expiration date. The package of most sunscreen products should have an expiration date.

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