Strongest Zodiac Signs 


Because I'm nice, my bully's beating shocked everyone. The bully feared me and attempted to befriend me. I stopped him. I won't befriend somebody who hurt me. I traumatized the bully.


Aquarius is special, so I enjoy it. Aquarian, actually. I'm fast and strong, yet others say we're weak. Powers aren't toys.


Aries is the most athletic and psychologically strong sign. While they enjoy joking, they can become deadly serious if someone attacks their friend.  


Leo is the strongest sign, animal emblem, planet, viewpoint, and boss. Leo is stronger than any other sign because they care more than Scorpio.


I'm the most obstinate. My opinion is unchangeable.People's emotions are my 6th sense. I know what they're thinking.


Gemini dominates. For instance, when someone criticizes them, they merely brush it off and carry on as if nothing happened. Every sign whines about hate and causes difficulty.  


Stop demeaning us. Aquarius, Taurus, even Gemini above Cancer? I accept Scorpio above us exclusively. Cancer = INSIDE. You can't touch our valuables. You thought just scorpions hurt? Think again.  


Lucky to be a virgo. Several times in my youth, people tried to bully me but failed.

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