stones of great value for astrological healing.

This is an active and courageous sign. Aries' power is balanced with carnelian. The sign's wrath and ebullience are calmed by carnelian stones, allowing it to make informed decisions.


This Venus-ruled sign loves romance, elegance, and pleasure. This sign is emotional, down-to-earth, and loyal, yet their intransigence can cause problems.


Geminis are social butterflies, always on the move and brilliant communicators. This sign needs a crystal to soothe them due to their hectic lifestyle.


Cancerians are sensitive, feeling everything. They're the most loving, kind, and intuitive sign. They become self-protective and hide their feelings in times of need.


This sign's blazing fire engulfs others. Leos are gentle extroverts who give their all for their loved ones.


Virgos scrutinize everything. This sign's perfectionists balance chaos with balance, which drains them. A crystal will calm their self-criticism.


Libras are mellow and seek equilibrium. Venus rules them, making them happiest among loved ones. This sign is known for being indecisive and insecure when things go wrong.


Scorpios are ardent, aggressive, and passionate, absorbing all their surroundings. They are driven by their unwavering focus. The sign appears chilly yet is sensitive and concerned.


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