Stephen A. Smith blasts Ben Simmons after 76ers taunting post.

Ben Simmons, the guard for the Brooklyn Nets, had another unremarkable season in which he spent much of his time injured and sitting on the bench.  

Simmons took advantage of the fact that his old team, the Philadelphia 76ers 

were recently ousted from the 2023 NBA Playoffs to engage in some lighthearted trolling of his former colleagues on various social media platforms. 

Stephen A. Smith read the post, and his reaction to Simmons was less than favorable. 

"The only thing worse than James Harden was that sorry, trifling ass Ben Simmons,  

and I tried to be nice to Ben Simmons," she said. "It's not like Ben Simmons is a big deal or anything. 

I made an effort to give him the benefit of the doubt in all he did.  

How the hell are you talking about a basketball player when you treat putting on a basketball uniform and dribbling the ball. 

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