Star Trek Reveals Quark's Secret 

The character of Quark, the adored bartender on Deep Space Nine, has now been revealed by Star Trek. 

The Ferengi bartender devised one "get rich quick" plan after another for seven seasons, all in the sake of money. 

Quark's true - and unexpected - personality is revealed to viewers in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 

The Dog of War #2, despite the show's hints to the contrary.

Writer Mike Chen, artist Angel Hernández, colorist Nick Filardi, and letterer Neil Uyetake contributed to this issue.

Quark has a week to care after the dog before its scheduled buyer shows up after Captain Sisko removes the Borg tech from his recently acquired dog, Latinum. 

Many of Quark's Deep Space Nine coworkers notice the bond that he now appears to share with ,

the dog as Latinum follows him on his regular rounds; of course, Quark downplays it. 

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