Simon Pegg calls his friendship with Tom Cruise "simple. 

What would you like to ask Tom Cruise? His Mission: Impossible co-star won't.Talking to Tom Cruise is one of the most fascinating. 

Things in the world that most of us will never do. Heck, simply being in a room with him would be one of the ordinary person's top 10 stories.

Regardless of what anyone says or does (some of us saw Michael Bay go by on a golf cart when filming Transformers.

Dark Of The Moon in Milwaukee, and we're still exploiting it). On the BBC's Desert Island Discs radio show, Simon Pegg described his.  

Frequent encounters with Tom Cruise (via Deadline). Pegg says he has a "very simple and amiable" friendship with Tom. 

Cruise, who he has appeared in five Mission: Impossible movies with.

Which sounds like the best anyone can hope for with an inscrutable person like Cruise, but they never talk about Scientology.

Which may be the secret to their friendship. Pegg believes mentioning it would "abuse my privileged access that I get to him.

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