Shaq apparently interested in buying his old team.

Since the conclusion of his renowned NBA playing career, Shaquille O'Neal has focused mostly on his work in television and radio.  

On the other hand, he has made it clear that he is not interested in becoming a shareholder in any of the companies that have been mentioned.

Recently, O'Neal made an appearance on the podcast titled "3 Points with Chris Mannix, 

" where he was questioned about whether or not he had ever been approached about teaching. 

The Hall of Famer stated that he did not believe he would be a good coach and that it was not something that he was interested in doing; 

however, he did say that he was interested in one potential post. Shaq stated

that no one had ever contacted him about coaching but that he was still looking to become an owner and that he was interested in a certain franchise in Florida.

O'Neal answered by handing Mannix his cards in response to Mannix's question regarding whether or if the former Miami Heat center was attempting to "boot (Heat owner) Micky Arison onto the cruise ship."

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