Shania Twain's Hollywood Bowl Concert: Review

After kicking off her performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night, Shania Twain said, "It's been about 25 years since I stood on this stage.

She had that roughly right because, according to the calendar, she last performed there on May 6, 1999. 

That was a few weeks before "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"—her signature song among all signature songs—reached its peak position on the charts.

It still felt like it was cresting when she performed it on Saturday as her unavoidable last encore song. 

It's a song that might not have reached its full potential until after the Memorial Day weekend when all the generations represented  .

At the Bowl have passed away or until the day when the right to enjoy oneself is officially codified as a crime. 

Twain will hold exclusive rights to the ultimate ladies' night anthem for as long as there are women, gay men, .

Twain's Bowl performance occurred about a month into her first North American tour since her five-year-old arena tour. 

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