Scottie Pippen vs Michael Jordan: Feud Continues

The feud began in 2012, when Pippen published his autobiography, "Unguarded." In the book, Pippen was critical of Jordan, saying that he was a "selfish" and "arrogant" player.

Jordan responded to Pippen's book in an interview with ESPN, saying that he was "disappointed" in Pippen's comments. He said that he had always tried to be a good teammate, and that he was "hurt" by Pippen's accusations.

The feud continued in 2013, when Pippen was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune. In the interview, Pippen said that Jordan was a "bully" and that he "made life miserable" for his teammates.

Pippen responded to Jordan's video message by saying that he was "disappointed" that Jordan did not attend his induction ceremony. He said that he had always considered Jordan to be his "best friend," and that he was "hurt" by Jordan's absence.

The feud has continued in recent years, with Pippen and Jordan continuing to trade barbs in the media. In a recent interview, Pippen said that Jordan was a "horrible player" off the court. He said that Jordan was "selfish" and "arrogant," and that he "didn't care about anyone but himself."

1. Jordan has not responded to Pippen's comments, but he has denied being a bully in the past. He has said that he was simply trying to win, and that he did whatever it took to achieve his goals.

The feud between Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan is a reminder that even the greatest athletes are not immune to personal conflicts. It is also a reminder that the truth is often more complicated than it seems.

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