Saraya likes working at AEW because it gives her a lot of freedom.

As a member of All Elite Wrestling, Saraya likes the freedom she has.

Saraya from All Elite Wrestling was recently a guest on The Mark Hoke Show, where she talked about many different things. 

 When asked how she felt in the last few years of her WWE career when she couldn't do anything, Saraya said she felt sad because she couldn't do anything but sit at home.

"It can't be changed. Saraya said, "The feeling you get from something you love can't be replaced; you can't just switch to something else." 

"Like nothing made me feel like I was doing Twitch, but I was also being held back so much when I was in the WWE because they didn't let me do what I wanted to do.

"They also wouldn't want me to work in the media. They didn't want anything from me. So I sat on my behind for a few years, and people thought that I liked it. 

No, I didn't like it. I was in a lot of pain, and it made me feel very sad. Not so much that I started using drugs and drinking again, because by that time I was a lot better. But it would make me so sad, like I couldn't do anything."

Saraya went on to talk about how everyone from All Elite Wrestling reached out to her after her WWE deal ended and how free she feels now that she's signed with the company.

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