Saint Obi, a veteran actor in Nollywood, has died.

After days of rumors about where the renowned actor Saint Obi was, different sources have now revealed that he is dead.

The actor is said to have died at the home of one of his brothers on Sunday. People say that the news didn't get out to the public because his brothers didn't agree.

Several Nollywood insiders have, however, revealed that both AGN and AMP are on the case and trying to find out more so they can tell the public.

 In the 1990s and early 2000s, Saint Obi was very famous because he was in over 100 movies. 

The Nigerian actor was well-known for playing both action heroes and love interests in movies.

As of the time this story was written, there was no official word on where and why the star had died.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria hasn't said anything yet because the family is said to be fighting, which is why they haven't made an official release yet.

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