Ryan Reynolds Retired: "It Was Depressing"

Ryan Reynolds played the lead role in a number of movies, which prepared the road for his current fame. He wasn't always content . 

With the gigs he was getting, either. Reynolds consequently took a significant hiatus from acting to. 

Think about his other options.Reynolds' main professional aspiration had been to become an actor ever since he was a small .

Boy He grew up in a working-class environment with a father who was a police officer. 

Reynolds has brothers who followed in their father's career path and became police officers. When circumstances prevented him.  

From pursuing that objective, the Blade Trinity star thought about going into a similar line of employment by becoming a.  

Fireman.Reynolds said in an interview with Issuu, "I had already started studying for the entrance exam but then a friend told me. 

That I didn't have a chance because the fire department had a mandate to hire women and visible minorities.

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