Rockets' Jalen Green Responds Hilariously to Twitter Culture Question 

The NBA has a unique symbiotic relationship with Twitter that few other sports leagues can match. 

LeBron James of the Lakers and Kevin Durant of the Suns were early adopters of the platform, 

which developed as the league's popularity soared in the 2010s.

In reality, the young players in the NBA today have little to no knowledge of basketball prior to the invention of Twitter.  

Players like Rockets guard Jalen Green, who spoke with Clippers forward Paul George in a podcast segment published on Sunday afternoon, 

now have a distinctive viewpoint on the site's influence as a result of this.Green said,

"I've got a couple burners." "Going on Twitter... they'll be cool with you, praise you and all that, 

or if you have a bad game... he's going to China."

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