Right now, this sleep mask costs only $10 and completely shuts out all light.

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One of the few things we all have is the need for sleep. And despite the fact that sleep is one of our most fundamental requirements,

Americans are infamous for having sleep problems. Imaginary, huh? Particularly when you consider all the documented advantages of getting a good night's sleep, such as lowered stress,

enhanced moods, and strengthened immune systems. If that describes you, you might want to take advantage of a rather compelling offer from Amazon.

 The extremely well-liked Mavogel Sleep Mask is currently available for 50% off throughout the Memorial Day weekend.

This sleep mask contains two specific cotton triangles on each side to block any light from penetrating and is constructed with five layers of soft, breathable material for comfort.

It makes sense to look for some assistance if you're one of those people who has trouble getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every night. 

According to board-certified sleep medicine expert Dr. W. Christopher Winter of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It, 

"You may not know why you're not sleeping well, and it's perfectly reasonable to try out different things to see if they work for you."

In order to improve your sleep, it's crucial to first assess your sleep hygiene, or the actions you do to establish the ideal conditions for dozing off and staying asleep all through the night.

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