Restless Youth I Found This Post Difficult.—Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford frequently shares on Instagram pictures of "the most disobedient boy in the land" (a.k.a. dog Rufus) or videos of.  

Herself embarrassing her child by dancing with fellow Young & Restless cast member Amelia Heinle. Unfortunately, everything. 

Changed on May 16."This post is hard for me," she admitted. "Asking for assistance for this lovely family was difficult. Marco.  

Passed away suddenly. Austin's dad was Marco. Marco the nurse. He toiled through epidemics and lockdowns. He helped. 

Innumerable people at that time. He dedicated his life to doing it. “He and his wife Cecille worked at the. 

Local hospital,” Phyllis' actor said. Marco constantly supported his son. Always at after-school. 

Sports Always helping at school. The school had a "all-hands" clean-up. Weekend mornings started early.  

Marco arrived after working all night. He always assisted.

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