Release of the 2023 NFL Schedule: SI's AFC Record Predictions

The schedule for the 2023 NFL season has been made public. The league revealed all 272 matchups on Thursday night, along with the dates and times for each one.

This provides us with a great deal of material to discuss in the days and weeks to come. Even though the schedules of all of the teams are intriguing,

the American Football Conference has a particularly enticing slate because of the depth of talent at the quarterback position. 

Throughout the course of the season, we will have the opportunity to witness Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, 

and Trevor Lawrence compete against one another. In addition, Aaron Rodgers will join the fray with the Jets.

Then there are the young quarterbacks who are just starting their careers, such as C.J. Stroud of the Texans and Anthony Richardson of the Colts.In the following,

we take a look at the American Football Conference and try to determine which teams in the AFC have the most favorable

schedules and which teams will have the most difficult paths to travel in order to reach the Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

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