"Probably the second-best prospect ever"—Draymond Green on LeBron James-Victor Wembanyama similarities. 

Since LeBron James, Victor Wembanyama has received the most excitement among young people. 

Draymond Green, meanwhile, isn't quite ready to declare that the Frenchman is a better prospect than LBJ.

'Is Wemby the best prospect since LeBron?' has been a topic of much discussion.  

He is reportedly the best prospect ever, according to some. 

Let's not forget how great of a potential LeBron James was, 

the Warriors forward remarked on the most recent episode of the Draymond Green Show. 

Of course, everyone will say that now. This past season, the big man, who stands 7'4", averaged 21.6 points,

10.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 3.1 blocks in the French league. 

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